Applying for GI Bill® Benefits

Why use your GI Bill® Benefits to Enroll in PADI Professional Training Programs

If you have a passion for the underwater world, want to live an VA-Dive-Coursesextraordinary life, and are motivated to share experiences and transform lives, become a PADI Professional with Dive Oahu. Dive Oahu, a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, has been serving Oahu’s dive community for over 25 years and has developed a reputation for excellence, earning several PADI awards. We have two on site Course Directors and several senior Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors actively teaching students at all levels.

Becoming a PADI Professional takes dedication. We’re ready to help you on your journey, but for some, it comes down to resources. Dive Oahu is classified by the VA as a Non-College Degree School. Working closely with the VA and PADI, we built a curriculum of PADI Professional training programs which may be covered by your GI Bill® educational benefits.

Depending on your individual benefits, this can help you with enrollment costs. To learn more, call our VA Program Administrative Manager at (808) 922-3483 or Connect With Us to ask questions of our PADI Course Directors. We strongly encourage all Veterans to consult the Veterans Administration for complete details on the benefits and eligibility.

Enrolling in PADI Professional Training Programs Using your GI Bill® Benefits

  1. Apply for your GI Bill® Benefits online at eBenefits. When applying, Dive Oahu is the name of the school, and list all the programs you will enroll in.
  2. Submit your DD Form 2586, Verification of Military Experience and Training, with all post-high school transcripts to your Dive Oahu VA Director.
  3. After receiving your acceptance letter and Certificate of Eligibility, submit those documents to your Dive Oahu VA Director.
  4. Complete the Dive Oahu Enrollment Agreement.
  5. Speak with Dive Oahu’s Administrative Manager to complete the order sheet for your mandatory equipment.
  6. Confirm payment arrangements at least 5 working days prior to the course start date. It is your responsibility to make payment arrangements.

Covered GI Bill® Benefits

Benefits will vary depending on the terms of your service. Veterans using Post-9/11 benefits qualify for BAH in Hawaii. Currently, these benefits pay for tuition, registration fees, and qualified educational tools. Montgomery GI Bill benefits pay for tuition and books only. These benefits do not pay for equipment. You will need to contact the VA to apply for eligible Per Diem or Stipends.

To view the annual term schedule for this academic year, please select Course Schedule.  For more information on specific programs, please select among the following choices::