Frequently Asked Questions…

Q – How do I get started?

A – Regardless if you’re taking the PADI Divemaster (DM) Course or the Instructor Development Course (IDC), we’ll need a minimum deposit to order your course materials…it’s that easy. One of our Course Directors will work with you to schedule your training in the next available class, or whenever you can start. We offer DM and IDC courses almost every month.


Q – What if I don’t have all the prerequisites completed to sign up for DM or the IDC, like 100 dives?

A – Not to worry, we will review your current certification level and experience and design a custom dive plan to help you complete the prerequisite training required for your course. Although this training is not part of your Dive Oahu GoPro training, we will competitively price your custom training if you pay for the professional training in full.


Q – What if I have some non-PADI certifications?

A – That is not a problem. You simply need to provide a photocopy of the front and back of the original certification card from the certifying agency.


Q – What should I expect from day one?

A – There will be a Course Orientation covering your schedule and training. You will be given your first Dive Theory exam comprised of 5 sections: General Skills and Environment, Physics, Physiology, Equipment, and Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). You will take the exam over a few days, and we’ll use it to gauge where we will help you focus your studies.


Q – What is your pass rate for the PADI IE?

A – With hard work during the IDC, you will be prepared and confident to take the IE with a high probability of success. We are so confident in your success that in the unlikely chance you do not pass the IE, you can train with us at the next IDC for free! We invest our time in you to make sure you’re prepared and confident before recommending you attend the IE.


Q – I see you offer a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Course as a package in conjunction with the IDC. Why should I sign up for the MSDT Course?

A – To be competitive with your peers in the industry, you’ll need to enroll in PADI Professional Continuing Education Programs throughout your career. We offer the first rating above Open Water Scuba Instructor, MSDT, at a competitive price to get you the jump on the competition. Plus, teaching specialties is really fun, and Dive Oahu has an active Continuing Education Program giving you plenty of opportunity to put these ratings to work!


Q – How much time should I commit to the school?

A – Our courses require a minimum of 22 contact hours per week with instructors and students, meaning it is a serious commitment when considering enrollment. We try to maintain a very consistent schedule, but some flexibility will be required. Generally, those 22 contact hours are divided up into two 3-hour weekday sessions and two 8-hour weekend sessions.


Q – What am I required to have for each course?

A – Each course we offer requires its own list of standardized gear and materials. A breakdown of mandatory fees and gear can be found in our Course Catalog. Payment for all gear, materials, and tuition is required prior to enrolling in the course. Eligible veterans wishing to use their education benefits may provide a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) in lieu of payment.


Q – How often are courses held?

A – We host Divemaster and Instructor Development courses monthly!


Q – I don’t see the answer to my questions in your FAQ…how do I contact you?

A –If you don’t see the answer to your question on this page, please contact one of our Education Coordinators at (808) 922-3483 or email us at Our main dive shop is located at 609 Keawe Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.